The Community Welfare Board of Agios Ioannis – of Pitsylia -is one of the older ones operating in the Limassol district.

In its course throughout all these years, it managed to house itself in a place granted by the Church Committee with a symbolic rent amounting to 12 C.P. per year.

This area is located under the community’s coffee-houses. The underground area of the coffee-houses was used as a parking space. The CWB has spent an amount of 60,000 C.P. so as to modulate this area. Today this place is used as a cultural centre.

During its operation the CWB has offered aid to quite a lot of the community’s inhabitants, especially to elderly persons.

Today the CWB operates two programs.

The first program is that of in-house care for elderly persons that need assistance. The program offers house cleaning, cooking, and personal care.

The second program is that of the children’s club that operates during the summer. The club is located in the kindergarten’s area and takes in children -aged up to 12 -from morning till noon.

The Administrative Board consists of:

Michalis Tsarkatzes President
Varnavas Panagiotou Vice-President
Efi Georgiou Secretary
Myroula Ioakeim Assistant Secretary
Maria Papadopoulou Treasurer
Maria Theofanous Assistant Treasurer
Antigoni Kapnisi Member
Youth Center

The Youth Centre of Agios Ioannis -of Pitsylia -was established on 28/06/1976 by fifty of the community’s young males and females. It was one of the founding members of the District Committee of Youth Centres of Limassol and the Sports Federation of Youth Centres of the Limassol District (AOKNEL).

The following were in the first committee of the Centre:

Costakis Iacovou President
Michalis Tsarkatzes Vice-President
Andreas Constantinou Secretary
Sofronios Petrou Treasurer
Andreas Tryfonos Member
Andreas Petrou Member
Andreas Papadopoulos Member

Since its establishment the Youth Centre has developed a rich, pioneering activity in many sectors and today it is considered to be one of the most active Youth Centres in the Limassol District.

In the cultural, social, and sports department, it has many activities to exhibit, which contribute to the Community’s progress and development and expand to the district’s level. Such activities are the participation in campaigns for cleanliness, the planting of trees, the voluntary offering of work for common benefit projects, the voluntary donation of blood, the organising of lectures on issues that concern the youth, the organising of artistic events / activities, educational and recreational excursions, the participation in social and athletic events of the Youth Centres such as the Marathon of Love for the Missing Persons, the District and National sports’ festivals, etc.

In July of 1983, after many efforts, it finally secures its own roof since -in collaboration with the Community Welfare Board -the communal welfare centre is constructed in the community, in the premises of which it is hosted.

In 1995, after co-ordinated efforts and in collaboration with the Community Council, the community playground is completed with funding from CSO and so the Centre acquires its own home-field for soccer.

The construction of the field and the settlement of the soccer team in its own venue brought forth the necessary “tidying up” and -as a result -the soccer team took an upward course. In June of 1995 it conquers the AOKNEL Cup. It had a principal presence in the period of 1995-96 and in the 1996-97 period it conquers the Championship in its category, being crowned as the titleholder in AOKNEL’s Champion’s League. In the 1999-2000 period it conquers the trophy in AOKNEL’s Champions’ League, the championship of its category, and the Cup. It also participates in STOK’s Champions’ League, reaching up to the semi-finals.

Overall, during recent years it plays a principal role in all the AOKNEL leagues/events and has conquered several cups and championships.

It is worth noting that the Youth Centre of Agios Ioannis of Pitsylia has been repeatedly honoured by the District Administration of Limassol with awards for cleanliness.

Today’s Administrative Board consists of:

President: Agathoklis Papadopoulos
Vice-President: Panayiota Karavela
Cashier: Sofronis Ioakim
Secretary: Andreas Panayiotou
Members: Kyriaki Ioakim, Kyriaki Theofanous, Andreas Papadopoulos,Panayiota Papadopoulou, Sofronis Theofanous, Eirini Victoros, Christiana Palama, Marinos Papadopoulos, Elena Kapnisi, Savvas Panayiotou

The Youth Centre is supported by the Co-operative Credit Society of Agios Ioannis, the Sunfresh Bakeries, and the Emigrants’ Association of Agios Ioannis.

1. Christakis Tsaggaris President
2. Andreas Patsias Vice-President
3. Andrea Theodorou Secretary
4. Kyriaki Ioakim Secretary Assistant
5. Myria Mappourou Cashier
6. Rafaella Theodorou Cashier Assistant
7. Michalis Tsaggarides Member
8. Andreas Demetriou Member
9. Anthi Yiatrou Thrasivoulidou Member
10. Efi Georgiou Member
11. Maria Papadopoulou Member
12. Antogoni Kapnisi Member

Cultural Committee: Michalis Tsangarides (President), Andreas Demetriou, Maria Papadopoulou Antigoni Kapnisi, Rafaella Theodorou, Kyriaki Ioakim.

Press and Enlightenment: Anthi Yiatrou Thrasivoulidou, Efi Georgiou