The old church of Archangel Michael

The old church of the village is dedicated to Archangel Michael, who is considered as the patron Saint of the community. The construction of the church started in 1709 and it was completed in 1757.

It was built in the center of the village among the old traditional houses. It is a big church and its capacity is 400 people.
The owner of the church was George Fellas, a moral and diligent inhabitant of the village who was born in 1960. One day when he was returning home from the fields, where he worked, he stopped at a spring in the area “Vrisia” to drink water. As soon as he bended, he realized that he could not move his body or speak. Thus, as a good Christian he asked for the help of Archangel Michael and promised that he would build a church dedicated to him. Suddenly, his strength came back and he managed to return to his house where he explained with signs to his family what had happened. The same night he dreamed of the Saint who showed him the place and the design of the church that he had promised to build. The next day he could speak again. With the help of the other inhabitants of the village, he fulfilled his promise. The holy icons of the church of Agios Ioannis were transferred in the new church, which was then established as the main church of the community. The icon of Archangel Michael that was found in the area “Alonakia” was also taken in the new church. Archangel Michael is considered since then, the patron saint of the village.

The church is built in Byzantine style, it is stone made but there is no bell tower. It is a three aisled church, white painted and there are no wall paintings.

The church has a very old, gilded and wooden carved iconostasis, which is dated in the 17th century, and it is preserved to this day. The pulpit of the church is very old and it is a real piece of art. The two psalters are also very old.

The inside of the church is flat and there is no gallery.

This church comes under the Department of Antiquities and it celebrates mass 5-10 times a year.

The yard of the church is decorated with an old olive press.