The Community Council of Agios Ioannis, in the context of its efforts for an upgrade of the inhabitants’ quality of living, has performed a series of infrastructure and beautification projects. Some of those are:

  1. Creation of a parking lot, a playground, and a Park. The construction cost run into 250,000 C.P. with an 80% contribution by the state. The Association of Emigrants and Friends of the Community paid the community’s share.
  2. Construction of a soccer field. The cost run into 25,000 C.P. with state funding by CSO.
  3. Placement of a new Water-supply network, a new drilling and water-tanks with a total cost of 200,000 C.P.
  4. The operations for the construction of the secondary road, at a cost of 157,000 C.P., were completed.
  5. Creation of a venue for excursions in the north-east of the community with a total cost of 20,000 C.P. The Emigrants’ Association paid the proportional share of the community.
  6. Construction of a monument for heroes and missing persons.
  7. Construction of new communal offices, in which the services offered by the Community Council were housed.
  8. Construction of a basketball court
  9. Construction of retaining walls
  10. Lining of retaining walls with stone
  11. Creation of flower gardens and small parks.
  12. Construction and gentrification of fountains
  13. Creation of a Community Infirmary